Central to John Down’s work is the use of numerous materials. For example, in the early nineties, John experimented by blending traditional materials into a contemporary format by introducing calcium carbonate into an aqueous emulsion. Applied in multiple layers, this emulsion adds depth and luminosity to his paintings.


John Down continues to explore a wide range of subject matters. He is particularly fascinated with and by natural phenomena; the science of patterns – fractals; and quantum physics - how everything is related to everything and everything else.


Influenced by the super-natural, Byzantine and Medieval icons, Persian miniatures, painting, sculpture, architecture, ceramics and art of any manifestation throughout history, John is an expressive and passionate artist. 


John Down has relocated to British Columbia’s Sunshine Coast, a forty-minute ferry sailing from Vancouver. He and his partner Joe Guiliano live in the coastal community of Halfmoon Bay. Their home is built on a rock outcropping surrounded by five acres of west coast forest - rock, arbutus, and woodland gardens - overlooking the Salish Sea and Vancouver Island. Down has re-established his art practice after 25 years of living and working in New York City.